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After 20 years of helping people to use their computers more effectively, SmartNav has now come to the end of life as a product.
While we are no longer selling SmartNav directly, we invite you to check with our authorized dealers for available units.

SmartNav Older Model Comparison

Below is a side-by-side comparison of the SmartNav 4 to its predecessor the SmartNav 3, highlighting the differences.

For a complete overview of AT and EG model features, see the SmartNav 4 Feature Comparison.

SmartNav 3
SmartNav 4
SmartNav Model
SmartNav 3
SmartNav 4
Lens Field of View
Sample Rate (Cursor Update Rate)
120 FPS
100 FPS
Resolution (Number of Pixels)
355 x 288
1280 x 480*
Unit Size (Without Base)
2.2" wide
1.1" high
2.2" deep
2.4" wide
1.6" high
0.9" deep
Weight (Without Cable)
1.4 oz.
2.2 oz.
Flat Panel Monitor Attachment
Using Adhesive Mounting Bracket
Specially Designed Base
Sunlight Resistance
Max. Working Range
2 to 5 feet
1 to 6 feet
USB Connection
USB 1.1
USB 1.1 & 2.0
(Full-speed & Hi-speed)
External Power Required
(1.5 watts via USB)
(1.7 watts via USB)
Detachable USB Cable
Durable Aluminum Case
Tripod 1/4-20 Thread Mounting Capable

*  Using NaturalPoint's Resolution Doubling Technology.

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